The following are Key elements of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act

  • Designate Homeless Liaison in every school district
  • Definition of  homeless – lack of fixed, regular & adequate nighttime residence and living in:
    • Emergency shelters or motels
    • Unsheltered or inappropriate / inadequate shelter
    • Doubled-up due to economic hardship or similar reason
    • Unaccompanied or migrant youth in above situations
  • Rights of homeless youth and families
    • Right to immediate enrollment, without documents
    • Right to fully participate in school programming & activities
      • Provide immediate free lunch
      • Waive all school fees
      • Provide needed supplies and support
    • Right to attend school of origin or school of residence per parent request. (School of origin is the school last attended before family became homeless or the last school attended). Any enrollment disputes will be quickly addressed
    • Right to comparable transportation assistance to & from school
    • Right to other comparable educational services
    • Right to attend school with no segregation
    • Right to community resource information & referrals - health, mental health and dental referrals
  • Public awareness and collaboration

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