Key elements

McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act (2015)

  • Designate Homeless Liaison in every school district
  • Definition of  homeless – lack of fixed, regular & adequate nighttime residence and living in:
    • Emergency or Farmily shelters, and some transitional housing
    • Unsheltered or inappropriate / inadequate shelter
      • Car, tent, abandoned building, self-paying motel
    • Sharing housing due to loss of housing, economic hardship or similar reason
    • Unaccompanied or migrant youth in above situations
  • Rights of homeless youth and families
    • Right to immediate enrollment, without normally required documents
    • Right to fully participate in school programming & activities
      • Provide immediate free lunch for entire school year
      • Waive all school fees
      • Provide needed supplies and support
    • Right to attend school of origin or school of residence
      • Per parent request, pending dispute resolution
      • Right to attend for the duration of homelessness
      • Right to attend for the remainder of the school year once housed
    • Right to comparable transportation to school of origin
    • Right to other comparable educational services (SPED, Title 1)
    • Right to attend school with no segregation
    • Right to community resource information & referrals 
  • Public awareness and collaboration

Additional Resources

Potential Warning Signs of Homelessness

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