The roles of the staff have been created in collaboration with the Title VI Parent Advisory Committee. Staff will provide direct academic assistance to students in areas of need. They will identify school and community resources for student support (i.e., the practices and programs that populate the Framework) - both those targeted to Indian students and those intended for the general population. Staff will work to link students with appropriate resources and will communicate with teachers and families of Native American children. Thus, they will create a bridge between schools and families.

The AISES coordinator is unique in that they facilitate after school and weekend student groups that have a science focus. The high school group meets on weekends, and some lunch hours during school and focus on service learning projects in the fields of health. They are examining health issues of Native American populations, and fortunate to have access to researchers on campus who share their experiences, information, and labs for students to be exposed to these career fields.

Native American Teacher Leader

Tara Tindall


American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) Coordinator

Trista Whitehorse