The Voices in Our Community is an annual day long experience for students and their families experiencing homelessness hosted by MMSD Transition Education Program (TEP) and the Greater Madison Writing Project (GMWP).  Families are invited and provided with transportation to the UW-Madison Campus to participate in this event.  The day is grounded in writing and art and connects students and families with each other to explore where they come from and who they are. It also provides a way to share their stories with the broader community. The writing and art resulting from this experience are then made into a book by the TEP staff and printed by the Greater Madison Writing Project.  Sales from the book help to sustain this project and provide supports to families experiencing homelessness. 

 The goals of The Voices in Our Community Project include: 

  • Empowering youth who have or are experiencing homelessness, find and develop their voice and make a change in their world.
  • Helping all family members share experiences that are often not recognized openly in public and provide opportunities to connect with other homeless families. 

The books written by the youth and adult family members provide the MMSD TEP program with a safe way to share the authentic voices of the homeless with educators and also provides awareness and outreach to the community.

Video about Voices in Our Community Project

For more information contact Jani Koester